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Blue Sky Renewables Limited

Blue Sky Renewables Limited

Solar Water Heating offers householders the opportunity to heat domestic hot water using solar panels. There are two main types of solar collectors, evacuated tube collectors and flat plate collectors. Both utilise solar radiation to heat water. Although there are over 80,000 solar water heating installations in the UK, numbers have been limited in Northern Ireland.

Solar water heating panels perform well in Northern Ireland, providing they are placed on a south facing roof. Northern Ireland has sufficient solar resource to provide around 60% of a typical household's hot water, mostly during the summer months.

During the winter, the solar panel can heat a hot water cylinder to 30oC, removing this heating component from the household's main heating source of oil or gas.

An installation includes the solar panels mounted on the roof, an electric display unit, a small control panel in the roof space and a new efficient hot water tank.

Up to 60% of household's domestic hot water can be generated from the sun.

Unit 422, Lisburn Enterprise Centre, Enterprise Crescent, Ballinderry Road
Lisburn BT28 2BP
Northern Ireland

Allen Johnston
Tel - (048) 028 9260 2777
Fax - (048) 028 9260 3084

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